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Being Invested

Group Fees
There is an annual Association and Group fee payable at the beginning of the year to the Treasurer.
Being Invested Into the Group
Potential new members attend meetings for 4-6 weeks, after which they may be invested into the Movement at a small ceremony. During investiture, they commit themselves to the Joey, Cub or Scout Promise and Law. An application form must be completed at the first attendance, for insurance and liability reasons. Click here for the application and click here.
In order to be invested, the youth member must be in full uniform. This consists of the proper hat, shirt, shorts/pants, and socks. The scarf and woggle will be given to the Cub or Scout during investiture.
Uniforms may be purchased at:

Costs that you should expect to pay include:
  • The uniform (approx $110.00)
  • The Association and Group fees ($230.00 per year for 2015/16)
  • Term Fees ($15.00/term)
  • Joining, investiture and scarf (one off - $55 for Joeys Scouts or $65 for Cubs, Scouts and Venturers)
  • For activities that Joeys, Cubs, Scouts or Venturers may undertake away from the Hall (varies depending on the activity). This includes cost for meals and camping ground fees for camps and other excursions.