When you join cubs, you'll become a member of a 'Six' led by a 'Sixer' and will meet on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm to 8:00 pm at our Scout Hall or go our on activities. There'll be games to play and new friends to meet. You'll wear your own Scout uniform to show you're part of the largest youth organizations in the world. 

Team work is the name of the game
A Cub Scout pack comprises up to 24 boys and girls aged 8 to 11 years who take off together on an a exciting trail to adventure! The well trained volunteer leaders are known by names taken from the famous story "The Jungle Book". Cub Scouts follow on from Joey Scouts (6 - 8 years) and lead into Scouts (11 - 15 years). 

Imagination Rules!
The jungle theme still captures the imagination of young Cub Scouts, who also enjoy themed programs based around bushrangers, pirates and explorers. Cub Scouts learn about basic bushcraft and how to react to emergencies. Life is one big adventure as they learn new skills through fun and games. The games are important, and are carefully devised to encourage teamwork and sharing, encouraging the younger and less experienced to 'do their best'. Helping others forms an important part of Cub Scouting. Through Adventure based activities Cub Scouts learn the first steps in cooperation and taking responsibility. There's no limit to the activities and the only rule is that the activity must be fun.

Badges recognise achievements
Cub Scouts love putting new badges on their uniform! Awards are presented in recognition of the effort made by each youngster at their own level of ability. Boys and girls are recognised for their developing skills through the 'Boomerang Award Scheme' which includes activities on personal hygiene and healthcare, science and discovery, safety at home and in the bush, tests of physical skill, handcrafts and the traditional Scouting skills of knotting, map and compass and hiking. Achievement Badges include sport, boating, cycling, entertaining, gardening, pet care, nature craft, construction and science. The ultimate award - the 'Grey Wolf Award' - is awarded to those Cub Scouts who demonstrate a long term commitment and attain the highest levels in badge work.